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“Penny Dreadful” 2nd Draft

The second draft of the short story ‘Penny Dreadful’ is done and is now available to newsletter subscribers.  For everyone else it’ll be up around 7pm (UK time) on the 10th of December.  This revision includes the prelude as well as parts 1 and 2.  So it’s just shy of …

“Sinainn” First Draft

I have added the first draft of the story “Sinainn” to the site. You can find it in the stories section on the right of the homepage or you can click on the story name in this post. Enjoy and feel free to add comments!

The Unified Terran Community [UTC] Part 7

Despite the outward harmony, there are two significant threats to the survival of the Community.  These threats are respectively referred to as Outsiders and aberrant personalities.  The latter are more understood by the Community.  Aberrant personalities are those human souls who would have been considered psychopaths.  they are individuals who, …

‘Penny Dreadful’ first draft.

Hi Folks!  The first draft of “Penny Dreadful” is now available for viewing.  It has been uploaded in two parts due to size.  You can find both parts in the ‘Stories’ section to the right of this post or you can follow these links for  Part 1 and   Part 2 …