Interview Postscript

Interview Postscript
Jennifer Ridge’s rental car was discovered abandoned the following morning roughly a mile from the Golan County line. All her belongings, including the tapes from this transcript, were found in the car. According to the motel clerk, Ms. Ridge returned to the motel alone late that night and checked out early. That is the last time anyone admits to having seen Ms. Ridge, dead or alive, in the two years since her disappearance. With no physical evidence of foul play, the authorities still refuse to classify the case as anything other than a missing persons incident. Henry Urbina is also listed as a missing person and is wanted for questioning in conjunction with Ms. Ridge’s disappearance.
Texas Travel Destinations magazine denies assigning Ms. Ridge an article on Pinebox, or of even knowing her.
Two years before her disappearance, an ETU freshman by the name of Michael Ridge disappeared mid-way through the fall semester.
In the course of another investigation, Twelve to Midnight recently learned of the Jennifer Ridge disappearance and acquired the Ridge transcripts through the Freedom of Information Act. The Golan County Sheriff’s Department still refuses direct access to the original tapes.
If you have any information regarding the whereabouts of Jennifer or Michael Ridge, please contact 12 to Midnight Investigations in Pinebox.

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