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June 2009

Collectible Encaustic Art

As a meagre gesture of thanks for continuing web support and for sending so many visitors, the Unified Terran Community is once more deeply proud to display some more samples of Hot Wax Arts & Crafts excellent encautic paintings. The featured work today is from a highly collectible, unique series …

A New Category!

The Unified Terran Community will now be hosting its own book reviews. The first one will be up in the next couple of days, so keep checking back!

Website Update!

For your reading pleasure, there is now a button attached to each post and story which will allow you to view/download them in handy .pdf format. Hope you find that helpful, see you around!

“Travellers Tales” Episode 2 1st Draft

Afternoon folks, I’m pleased to say the second episode of the ‘Travellers Tales’ series, featuring Maeldune and Eris, is now up on the site. As always you can either find it here or, you can find it in the ‘Stories’ section on the right hand side of the homepage. Enjoy …

“Panic, Frenzy and Madness” Part 2 1st Draft

Evening folks, I am very pleased to say the conclusion to the story “Panic, Frenzy and Madness” Part 2, is now posted on site. As always you can find it in the stories catagory to the right of the homepage or, you can click on its name in this post. …

‘Time of the Last Dictators’ Story

Evening folks! I have posted a new short story called “The Nameless Man”. You can find it by either clicking on the name or by looking in the ‘Stories’ section to the right. This one is set in the dark final days of twenty first century society, although it is …

The Unified Terran Community [UTC] Part 9

Although the Unified Terran Community has no single leader, as such, they were initially guided by the vision of a cabal of scientists, philosophers and philanthropists. Pre-eminent among them was the man known as Heru Seleem. The precise origins of the man are shrouded in mythology, it seems, however, that …

“Panic, Frenzy and Madness” Part 1 1st Draft

Hey folks, I’ve posted the part one of ‘Panic,Frenzy and Madness’. Part two will with you soon! You can find the story by either clicking on its name in this post, or by looking in the ‘Stories’ section on the right of the page. Read and enjoy!