Scene from “Penny Dreadful”

Raoul and Cailte silently regarded each other. Though both men were tall, Raoul was lean and wiry, while Cailte was more heavily built with a silvery scar running down the left hand side of his jaw. Raoul was the first to break the silence.
‘I’m glad you’ve come back to us, Cailte, you were well missed.’
Cailte grunted in acknowledgement and and continued to stare into the middle distance.
‘Obviously, the circumstances are regrettable but you’ve made the right choice, the Community needs you.’
Cailte glanced at Raoul, his eyes devoid of any emotion.
‘What else would I do? Where else would I go? This is not a society for the likes of me.’
‘That’s a little negative,’ murmured Raoul ‘the role you play in the Community is a vital one, these people are soft and, without you and I, would be once more living under the boot of the aberrant personalities.’
Cailte shrugged, ‘In time, even what we do will become unnecessary.’
‘I certainly hope so,’ replied Raoul ‘now, it’s been a while since you were in active service, so there are a couple of small tests..’
Raoul paused. ‘Are you ready?’
Cailte shrugged again and Raoul frowned slightly. Raoul flicked his index finger and a heavy wrench spun off his table, turning end over end before striking Cailte in the forehead. The two men stared at each other.
‘You’re not ready.’ said Raoul simply. He rose from his chair, turned his back on Cailte, and considered the view out the window. As Raoul looked out the window, suddenly Cailte’s eyes began to burn. In one fluid motion he stooped, grabbed the wrench and hurled it at the back of Raoul’s head. The spinning tool froze in the air, about an inch from Raoul, who slowly turned with a triumphant smile.
‘That’s the spirit soldier! Now, lets get you back in the program.’ Raoul went into a drawer on his desk and produced a brightly coloured handful of capsules. He thrust his hand out, the capsules in the palm of his hand. ‘You better start with these..’

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