And so it begins…

Well.  Here we go again.  Another year kicks off.  As it’s the 16th of January, the traditional end of Hogmany in Scotland, I thought I would bring you all up to speed on whats been going on and the plans for the year ahead.

Despite the ominous online silence, there has been progress on the UTC storyline.  Much of the material is hand written, so there will be a further pause while I type it up here.  I have a couple of revisions for you and the next installment in the story arc.  As well as continuing work on the UTC setting, I have also begun work on another series of unrelated stories.  In a complete change in direction, these are more contemporary in that they are set in the nineties and focus on a fictional town in the highlands of Scotland and the strange and disturbing events that occur there.  Well, I hope it will be strange and disturbing…

The good people at Train or Maintain are putting together the site for these new stories at the moment, so when its up and running I’ll post an announcement and supply the direct link.

Anyway, I need to go and capture a wild haggis in preparation for the ancient pagan rite of Burns Night, where hagisses (haggi ?) are ritually slaughtered and eaten, accompanied by the dreary verse of our national bard and mildly poisonous whisky.  Yes, I said dreary.  As I mentioned here, I’m not a great fan of poetry.  Be seeing you.

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