25th May 2009

An end to an extremely lazy day. After overcoming an episode of clinical lethargy late in the afternoon, I managed to make a decent start into the first draft of the first Travellers Tale. It will be up on the site within the next day or two, all going according to plan. I’m going to experiment with different storytelling methods, when writing these since I haven’t done much of that, thus far. So bear with me, everything will be allright… I’ve enjoyed the creation of the first story of Maeldune and Eris, I can see quite a few tales into the future for them. That can’t be bad can it? The thing now is to keep up the momentum, made slightly trickier by being away on holiday and having to negotiate with AOL to access the internet…damn you AOL. Anyway, you’ll have the first Maeldune story in a day or two and the second one will be close on its heels. I’ll also be working on ‘Panic, Frenzy and Madness’ which I’m hoping to get into a first draft reasonably soon. Work is underway, but it’s a bit early at the moment to say when it will be ready. As they say, stay tuned.


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