22nd May 2009

I’ve been thinking a bit more about the Traveller’s Tales idea I mentioned in the last Blog entry. After consideration, I’m going to do a few of those as well. The Unified Terran Community setting has grown considerably beyond my initial conception and, I suppose, I hate to see anything go to waste. After all, I am Scottish… That aside, there are parts of the UTC that the background articles won’t really do justice to. I also think it’s a more accessible way to discover the Community, it’s not to everyone’s taste to read through the background articles. This new development doesn’t mean that the initial story arc is being abandoned, quite the opposite! I believe the travellers tales will be an effective supplement to the original stories and will allow the reader to explore parts of the Community that are not directly related to the main plot, but are in themselves still worthy of attention. Part of the necessity of this, is that the Community is being explored through the medium of short stories and by definition details that are superfluous to the plot are omitted. Our two main protagonists are the wanderer Maeldune and his travelling companion Eris. Fans of Greek myth or indeed Discordianism will be aware of the consequences of having Eris as a travelling companion. She will certainly keep life interesting for Maeldune, and who could ask for anything more? A couple of other things; the stories are arranged alphabetically at the moment and are written out of sequence. For those who are interested, the chronological sequence of events is: “The Maiden, The Mother and The Crone”; “Prelude to Penny Dreadful”; “Sinainn”; “Raoul’s Adventures in Wonderland” and then “Penny Dreadful”. As more stories are added, I will construct a time line, to help clarify the order of events. This time line will also include significant historical moments, as they are revealed. The second bit of work will be to consolidate the background articles and organise them a bit more clearly. This is, after all, a working notebook. Anyway, plenty to be getting on with, so I’ll leave it at that for now. Enjoy exploring the site and the Unified Terran Community!


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