20th May 2009

Today was quite busy, I’ve put up another short story, this one called ‘Sinainn’. It explains a bit of why Cailte is the way he is. Really it’s just the bare bones and its a bit clunky, but the seed is there. The next background article, which is nearing completion, covers the day to day life of a few typical members in the Community. As there has been a focus on the out of the ordinary, as depicted by the Mechanics activities, I thought it might be useful to have something to compare it to. I’m also going to use the next couple of background articles to introduce a couple of new characters; Maeldune and his travelling companion Eris. I’m considering a sub section of stories, dealing with their wanderings around the Community, but we’ll see how the characters behave when they’re let out of the box. I will be continuing to produce material for the Unified Terran Community, as time permits. Hopefully I can establish somewhat more of a routine! Anyway, enjoy the story, roam the site and don’t worry, the Mechanics can fix any little problems…


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