17th May 2009

I have a few bits and pieces to be getting on with today.  I need to finalise a few details of the background for the next part in the UTC story arc.  Basically, I need to make sure the various supplementary bits of writing are all consistent with the latest developments.  The working title for the next part is still nominally ‘Panic, Frenzy and Madness’.  As to whether I keep that remains to be seen.  There are at least another three background articles to lay the ground for the next story, one of them concerns the early history of the Community and it’s trials, the second is a bit of detail on the founding members of the Community and their current positions and activities.  The third proposed article, fills in the blanks on the day to day existences of the members of the Community.  As always, contained within the background articles are clues which foreshadow key events.  Since this story will be longer, it will, inevitably, take longer to write.  As such I will also work on a couple of shorter pieces for more immediate consumption.  As a little extra news, I have almost persuaded an Artist to help with some concept sketches of characters and places.  Hopefully, this will happen soon and you will be able to see the Community in all it’s glory.  Announcements will be made as material becomes available to view, so keep popping back!


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