15th May 2009

I have decided to add another category to the navigation bar at the top of the page.  This Blog section will be where I record my plans and ideas for the evolution of the Unified Terran Community stories.  As today is a family birthday, I am not likely to get any significant writing done but I thought I would sketch out the vague plan as it currently exists.

At the moment, the plan is to create as many first drafts for as many story ideas as possible.  The last thing I want is to start forgetting ideas, so there is a bit of a rush on, to get everything down in semi useful form.  The principle story arc of the Community is broken down into five main sections, of which “Penny Dreadful” is the first.  In addition to those stories, there are numerous ‘spin off’ stories featuring characters from the main story arc, as well as others who play only minor roles at best.

The background articles serve two purposes.  First, and most obviously, they impart a little of the background detail of this unusual society.  In addition to this, however, they have concealed within them clues and hints concerning the meta plot and it’s characters.  Also, to keep the reader on their toes, the information is presented as it is known to the normal inhabitants of the Community.  Not all that is written is true.  Just like real life.  So, what’s next?

The next part of the story arc I will be working on is under the working title of “Panic, Frenzy and Madness’ and during this story, which will be longer than “Penny Dreadful”, the main body of the story arc will begin to make itself clear.  In addition to working on this, I will be working on a few shorter stories which interweave round and supplement the next story and the Community mythology in general.

There is much more to be discovered about the Unified Terran Community, I look forward to exploring it and I hope you’ll accompany me and enjoy the ride!


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