The Unified Terran Community [UTC] Part 8

Day to day life in the Unified Terran Community is radically different to life in our own time. As mentioned previously, all of the repetitive, laborious work is now in the hands of specially designed robots. This and the work of the Bio Engineers in providing synthetic but nutritious food for all have profoundly altered the nature of humanity. Freed from the monotony of the capitalist system, with the abolition of currency, the members of the Community are able to focus their energies on more rewarding activities. Numerous project groups exist, developing improved technologies, accumulating centuries of knowledge and providing entertainment for the society. These groups generally have no one who can easily be identified as being ‘in charge’ and conflict is rare. If a group member is unhappy with the direction the group is working towards, he or she need simply leave and find or form another group more suited to their tastes. Many groups have overlapping spheres of activity, indeed, the Life Engineers and the Bio Engineers were one group initially. As time and the Community progressed, the group splintered in two although some technology, such as genetic manipulation and cloning is the product of both groups activities.

Significantly, there is no obligation, no pressure from the rest of the Community, to join a group. The principle reason this is possible is the activities of the Bio Engineers. With their mastery of synthetic biology, these technologists can manufacture limitless supplies of food and are also responsible for ‘growing’ the lightweight, incredibly strong materials that buildings are constructed from. These materials, in turn are developed to be able to convert sunlight into usable energy. Thus with free food, shelter and energy, humankind is finally able to develop it’s potential. An atmosphere of cooperation over competition is created. Obviously, Community members are free, and encouraged, to pursue personal interests as well. The philosophy of the Community is that anything which does not harm the Community, enriches it in some fashion. As all members of the Community are considered equal, so too are the groups regarded. Certain groups would appear to be more crucial to the functioning of the Community, but even these are cross dependent on numerous other groups. Each group requires the others to function to the best of it’s ability.

There is an emphasis on familial groups within the Community. However, with the advent of Seleem’s Mnemosyne Device and consequently a knowledge of past incarnations, the concept of Shadow Families has evolved. The Shadow Family is an extended group of souls, who have, down through the ages, always been born into the same mortal family tree. These souls are considered to be linked in some fashion. Another facet of this idea is that of Shadow Partners, lovers who have frequently or always found each other during incarnations. So far the Psychonauts and Life Engineers have advanced several theories as to why some souls seem eternally drawn to each other, none however has been taken as the consensus opinion.

Individuality is prized and greatly encouraged within the Community. This had lead to eccentric settlements comprised of buildings constructed in a bewildering array of styles, ranging from the ancient to the fantastical. Unhindered by an industry dictating certain modes of dress, the clothing favoured by the Community members is rich and varied. Numerous textile groups exist and manufacture clothing designs limited only by their imaginations. The current fashion for naming in the Community is to employ the name of one’s first incarnation, though this is by no means a firm rule.

The members of the Community are free to pursue their interests and desires, all the Community asks in return is that no harm is brought to the other members of the Community in the process.

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