The Unified Terran Community [UTC] Part 6

There is a vast number of groups in the UTC, each working on a multitude of different projects.  One of the more academically orientated groups is the Chroniclers, whose work encompasses the study of Ancient and Modern history, Archaeology and Contemporary Studies.  Their contribution to the Community is in three main parts.  In the first instance, they hold many seminars and classes aimed at students with varying levels of  knowledge and experience.  The second major contribution the make is both educational and entertaining as well.  The Chroniclers pour enormous amounts of effort into incredibly detailed ‘living dioramas’.  They may choose scenes from history of special significance, or merely recreate a day in the life of a person or place.  These constructions are impressively researched and are built to scale, wherever possible.  Historical personages, famous or otherwise,  are recreated by cleverly fashioned Synthetics,robots who appear human to the tiniest detail possible.  The Synthetics have a limited Artificial Intelligence which permits them to remember and carry out a sequence of tasks, but provides very limited adaptive ability.  This is a safety precaution, as the Synthetics are extremely life like in appearance.  The remaining contribution of the Chroniclers, is that they keep an up to the minute record of the present times as well.  In many ways they also function as a kind of news media.  Unlike conventional media outlets, the Chroniclers place a high premium on impartiality and accurate reporting of events.  This information is generally disseminated through the Terran Net, a high tech system which grew out of the Internet of the twentieth and twenty first centuries.

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