The Unified Terran Community [UTC] Part 5

The UTC is home to numerous technological wonders, as is befitting to a society dedicated to the improvement of the human condition.  The field of healthcare has been revolutionised by the development of two principle technologies.  The first is the advanced science of nanotechnology, decades of study and refinement has taken this science to unimagined peaks.  All surgery is performed my microscopic nano bots, and for a time the Community experimented with an Enhanced Immune System [EIS].  The EIS worked on the principle of having a permanent presence of nano bots within the body, which could respond to threats to the health that the normal immune system could not contain.  The other healthcare technology in popular use is the Pythagorean Harmoniser.  This device, the prototype designed and built by Pythagoras himself, works on the principle that human bodies vibrate at a certain frequency.  When the body is in ill health, the afflicted area vibrates to a different frequency, and through the Harmoniser, a technologist can re-align the various frequencies of the body.  Both systems are equally effective, the procedure used is generally a matter of personal philosophy.

Transportation technology has also evolved considerably.  Within the settlements themselves, and linking them together, is an unobtrusive network of high speed maglev trains.  These sleek vehicles easily reach speeds upwards of 500 miles per hour, allowing safe and efficient transport between the various districts of the Community.  Personal vehicles exist as well, battery technology has improved tremendously granting personal vehicles a range of between 250 and 600 miles depending on the size of the vehicle.  All vehicles carry at least one back up battery, as technology has improved the bulk and weight of these items.  Vehicles for inner settlement travel, tend to be small and manoeuvrable, with some having limited maglev in the larger settlements.  Vehicles for travel between settlements or into the Wild, are generally far more rugged, with either large reinforced wheels or tracks.  In addition to carrying extra batteries, they will often have a back up charging source, such as a fold out solar panel array.

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