The Unified Terran Community [UTC] Part 4

The Life Engineers have become one of the most important groups in the Community, definitely first among equals.  They perform several functions that are essential to the continued survival of the society.  First and foremost, they facilitate the process of incarnation, whether it be the soul’s first incarnation or it’s hundredth.  This is only one facet of their purpose.  they are the geneticists of the Community, responsible for the creation of the clones, and the development of numerous drugs to enhance physical and mental performance.  The most pivotal role they play is in the detection of intrusions from the spirit world.  Both the Outsiders and the Aberrant Personalities have developed means to cross the Lethean Barrier and seize living bodies, displacing the original soul.  As far as the Life Engineer telepaths have been able to determine, a displaced soul is destroyed in the process.  The telepaths are the lynchpin of this detection, as they ‘hear’ a psychic scream when a soul is displaced.  The cloning technology used by the Life Engineers is extremely advanced.  The growth vats, used to develop the clone, are an outgrowth of artificial womb technology.  Originally the process of growing a clone took a time comparable with natural aging, now however, the process to grow an adult clone takes about two weeks.  The technology available means that a clone can be grown to the exact specification of the person who requires it.  The one factor the Life Engineers cannot duplicate is the series of markers known as the Seleem Configuration.  These are the markers which govern psychic ability, with the number of markers present being proportional to psychic ability.

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