The Unified Terran Community [UTC] Part 3

One of the more unusual groups in the UTC are the Psychonauts.  The Psychonauts perform several roles in the Community, all through their use of the drug Entheogen.  Their principle activity is the exploration of the mind.  With the combination of the drug and various cognitive techniques they discover how the mind works, using this information to help people to improve their psychological state and their cognitive functions.  Some of the Psychonauts are involved in the study of the Pineal gland, specifically it’s relationship to dreaming and psychic ability.  Through their extensive use of the drug Entheogen, almost every Psychonaut has developed psychic abilities of one sort or another.  The Psychonauts perform two other important functions within society.  Due to their enhanced awareness of the spirit realm and a high incidence of ecstatic experiences, they fill the role of spiritual advisor to many of the Community, and, with their extensive knowledge of the mind they are responsible for helping people to master any psychic abilities they have manifested and use them safely.  In essence, the Psychonauts offer a holistic spiritual and mental health service.

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