Unified Terran Community [UTC] Part 2

Reincarnation is a central feature of this setting.  In this case, the term refers specifically to reincarnation into human form.  Reincarnation is facilitated and regulated by the technologies collectively referred to as the Mnemosyne Device and the group who operate it, the Life Engineers.  The technology performs a number of functions; the process of Imprinting, where a woman of child bearing age is psychically tagged so that a specific soul is drawn to her at the point of conception to be reborn.  The Device also makes possible the reincarnation of the soul into a clone, and, in either case permits retention of memories from previous incarnations.  New souls still come into existence and are shepherded towards appropriate parents by the Life Engineers.  Another important function of the technology, is that it permits Life Engineer telepaths to interact more reliably with the spirit realms and smooth the reincarnation process.  Not everyone wishes to be reborn immediately, the facility is there for those who wish to continue the projects they were involved in as a matter of urgency.  When a soul wishes to be reborn, they contact the Life Engineer telepaths through the Mnemosyne Device and their preferred method of incarnation is promptly prepared.  The Device is based on two discoveries; the first, that souls in spiritform have full recollection of all past incarnations and the second, that an effect  named the Lethean Barrier strips the souls of their past memories as they are being reborn.  The Mnemosyne Device allows the soul to cross the Lethean Barrier with it’s memories intact.  One other effect of these activities is that the Life Engineers have become aware of other spirits, ones that have never been human…

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