The Unified Terran Community [UTC] Part 1

The UTC is, on the surface, a technological utopia. This society rose from the ashes of the collapsed societies of the early twenty first century. In contrast to the civilisations of that dark time, the UTC is a free society. There is no poverty, no homelessness; all energy is generated from green sources. There is total religious freedom, no social stratification. Disease has been all but eradicated and death has been made an inconvenience through the marvel that is the Mnemosyne Device. Through this technology it is possible to be reincarnated as swiftly as desired, in one of two ways; natural rebirth or incarnation into a specially grown clone, in both cases retaining full memory of past incarnations. Construction and all labour is performed by robots with a limited adaptive AI. With these conditions society has evolved into groups of people coming together to develop ideas which will work to the benefit of mankind as a whole. Food is provided by BioEngineers, and GeoEngineers have worked feverishly to restore the planet’s ecosystem. Settlements are constructed using advanced techniques and materials and exist in harmony with the environment. [more to follow]

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