The Unified Terran Community [UTC] Part 11

Subject:  Early Lectures of Heru Seleem.

Sub Category:  The Illumined.

Date of Recording:  17/06/2028

Status:  Withdrawn from Community Access.


“…these and related considerations, lead us to the subject of the Illumined, their nature andtheir role in allowing this Community a chance to survive.  Although the Illumined seem like us, in a physical sense, we are not the same.  The Illumined represent something that we can only hope to aspire to.  They are the next step in humanity’s spiritual evolution, the stage of enlightenment just prior to being worthy of becoming one of the people of Heaven.  It is this proximity to Heaven that gives them the ability to wield occult forces and manipulate certain aspects of our percieved reality.  To our ancestors, these beings seemed godlike in their prowess and were worshipped as such.  In some respects, they might be considered the opposite number of the dread Outsiders.  This is not truly accurate, as their origins are quite seperate.  Additionally, it would be foolish to assign notions of benevolence to the Illumined.  They are now, as they have always been, largely indifferent to the activities of we, the unevolved members of humanity.  The Illumined have lived along side and amongst us for millenia, rarely interfering.  Often, the question of their continued presence has been addressed by the ancient scholars.  Why have these beings not left the mortal world and ascended to the Heavenly sphere?  Clearly, a evolutionary point has not been reached, but what is taking so long?  In this case, it is a simple matter of scale.  The Illumined are true immortals, the passage of time, as we percieve it, is meaningless for them.  They are ageless and undying.  This is not to say that the Illumined are indestructable, merely that it would require the action of another of their kind or an Outsider to terminate their existence.  As we begin to use the Mnemosyne Device, as sense of this timelessness will be gifted to us and we may begin to understand that for the Illumined, their spiritual ascension is proceeding at a reasonable speed.  It has been hypothesized that there is something preventing this apotheothis, and certainly when one looks into the activities of the Illumined there are numerous examples of petty and vengeful behaviour.  However, it is not our place to speculate on and judge the actions of these beings, for in truth, without their assistance we would still be living under the jackboot of the Dictators.  They have freed us from slavery, it is now our responsibility to make sure that such a situation never happens again…”

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