The Unified Terran Community [UTC] Part 10

Excerpt from a discussion on the Avalon Community Forum:

Harrier posted 20.03.2237
Having recently joined a Chroniclers group, I was looking for detail on one of the military battles that took place during the founding years. I discovered that the outcome of the conflict had revolved around the use of powerful psychics on the side of Heru Seleem. On an impulse I checked a few more and discovered much the same thing. There was considerable variance in the number of forces involved, but every battle I could find information on had, essentially, been fought between a small group of psychics and a much larger force of conventional troops. The result was always victory for the psychics. It was the specific accounts by Community members, who had been those soldiers in past incarnations, that caught my attention. In one account, heavily verified, a psychic flayed a thousand armoured troops with an ‘ululating cry’. There were many, many more accounts of such spectacular feats. And then it struck me, since that time, there have been no psychics with such raw power. Not even close. Anybody got any ideas?

Dinarzade posted 20.03.2237
Harrier, I’m a practising Psychonaut and have been for my last three incarnations. I work with psychics frequently and am one myself, and I assure you, there is a vast spectrum of ability and strength. However, particularly traumatic events can cause the memory to warp. I suspect these events have become slightly exaggerated through misremembering. Also, Seleem probably recruited the strongest psychics he could.

An0nymous posted 21.03.2237
Harrier, keep searching! consider, why does the Seleem Configuration Count go to a figure that no human has ever had?

Dinarzade posted 21.03.2237
An0nymous, the score that you’re alluding to, represents a hypothetical situation whereby all of the genetic markers are found in one person. From your other posts I’d say you were a little paranoid. Your choice of username is in itself a bit worrying. I can help you, message if you’re interested,

An0nymous posted 24.03.2237
Harrier, I now have docs which prove that Heru Seleem was working with a group who all had a Configuration Count of 100. It was from this baseline that all humans are measured. I have your details, will forward docs.

Harrier posted 24.03.2237
What do you mean you’ve got my details? How? and what do you mean ‘all humans are measured’?

Harrier posted 25.03.2237
An0nymous? Still waiting for those docs!

Dinarzade posted 29.03.2237
Harrier, I have another theory for you, about your powerful psychics. I just became aware of a group called the Mechanics. The one I met was able to take down an Outsider which had managed to break through from the spirit world. Its more than possible that you have been discovering the early origins of that group. Did An0nymous sent your docs?

Harrier posted 29.03.2237
Nope, never got them. Probably never existed! 🙁

Dinarzade posted 30.03.2237
Had a strange dream last night, I’ve meditated on it and I’m pretty sure there’s going to be a significant amount of volcanic activity from Mount Etna. You heard it here first! 😉

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